The biggest feature most buyers are looking for in a house is extra storage. Storage options can include built-ins, garages and attics. According to a recent Homes & Gardens article, built-in storage solutions are experiencing a renaissance. They provide additional storage space and free up floor space. Furthermore, wardrobe units and shelving can help to divide large open-concept living spaces.

Another popular feature is smart home security. These systems are becoming increasingly popular among home buyers and are available for installation without too much difficulty. They can also give your home a bonus point, which makes it more appealing to potential buyers. Many buyers also look for outdoor space, which can include a lawn or patio. Bijou spaces such as a screened porch or a private garden can also be enticing. However, make sure these areas are secure to keep children out of danger. Also read


House buyers are becoming more environmentally conscious, and they want energy efficient homes with eco-friendly features. The rise of flexible working has also changed the priorities of property buyers. Now, more people want to have more indoor space than before, and a home office is becoming a common feature for home buyers.

Adding a second full bathroom can increase the value of a home by 20%. Bathroom suites are also popular, and buyers are willing to spend up to 49% more on a house with a modern bathroom suite. Other popular bathroom updates include floating vanities, free-standing bathtubs, walk-in showers, and new cabinets.

Smart home technology is another popular feature. Smart home technology can include thermostats and other tools that can help buyers manage their home’s temperature. Besides that, smart home features are practical and convenient. Exterior lighting is also crucial, as it not only adds curb appeal and security, but it also welcomes guests at all times.

Millennial home buyers, in particular, are looking for houses with low maintenance. They want to spend their weekends relaxing. For this reason, they want a low maintenance home with high-efficiency HVAC systems. Also, many millennials value environmental responsibility and look for homes that are environmentally friendly. If your home is built with energy-efficient features, it is more likely to be sold quickly.


Another popular feature for homebuyers is a walk-in pantry. It makes it easy to keep meal ingredients in place and after-school snacks handy. It also gives homebuyers the feeling that they are professional chefs. Some buyers also look for standalone laundry rooms. They can also serve as mudrooms and storage spaces for pets.

Among prospective home buyers, the majority prefer homes in the suburbs, where they can enjoy larger lots and green spaces. Furthermore, they may be able to afford smaller asking prices. Additionally, homes in the suburbs are more likely to be newer than homes in the city.

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